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We've been successfully marketing our clients for over 35 years, originally using traditional tools, and later on expanding our tool belt to include the latest in online technology. Marketing–the art of making customers remember and crave a product or service–hasn't changed in a very long time. What has changed is the addition of new ways to reach those individuals, and that will always continue to evolve.

Landmark Unified Marketing is an offshoot of its parent company, Landmark Publishing, Inc. It was formed to better serve the digital marketing needs of our clients by focusing our talented individuals solely on the changing social and technical advertising hurdles of today.

We have the insight, experience, technical, and creative skill that makes our marketing solutions stand out from the pack. We've won numerous national advertising, marketing, design, and packaging awards, but more important is our history of long-term relationships with a diverse group of clients. That gives us the ability to move easily from website design to packaging; from email marketing to promotional collateral; from e-commerce to mailing campaigns.

Our clients are located across the country and vary from the hundred-million-dollar corporations to small mom and pop businesses. We treat every customer the same, no matter if they're spending five hundred dollars or five-hundred thousand dollars. We love to transform a small company's image and level their playing field by giving them the tools and look of a Fortune 500 company.

We won't waste your time or money, we care about your company and your marketing programs. Your success and profitability are why we exist and how we have provided design and marketing excellence for over 35 years.

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Over the past 40 years, Steve Bothe has gained a national reputation as the go-to-guy for intuitive marketing and creative graphic design. Since winning his first national advertising award in 1980, he has continually been on the cutting edge in his field; accumulating over 115 national awards in advertising, marketing, design, and packaging. He has also designed props for movies, merchandise for Las Vegas hotels, materials for international singers and rock bands, and designed packaging for hundreds of everyday products.

Early in his career, he dodged the urge and suggestions from colleagues to relocate to one of the major design hotspots; New York, L.A., Chicago, etc. Steve chose instead to settle down in Cedarburg, WI, a small suburban setting that he says allows him to concentrate on his work while keeping his blood pressure at an even keel. Here he still works 60 to 70 hours per week, because he feels the need to be involved in every project that Landmark Unified Marketing puts out.

Steve feels much of the e-marketing of the past few years has concentrated heavily on content and has forgotten that visual stimulus is the best way to excite and create long-term memories. His unique high-bred approach of carefully blending great content with enticing graphics and delivering it through multiple avenues to the right people at the right time is consistently yielding the highest returns on investment.

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